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Andrew Gilbert was born March 20, 1982, in Ft. Wayne, IN. As a child he spent some time on stage, but it wasn’t until high school that he became enthralled by music, theatre, and film. Andrew attended Bethel College to major in Theatre, but while he was there he met fellow filmmaking friend Mikel J. Wisler. Later the pair would create Runaway Pen Productions, a film and video production company.


Andrew learned the basics of filmmaking from the Los Angeles Film Studies Center in Burbank, CA.  Here he learned to film, produce, and write for the movies. He interned at Madchance Productions on the lot of Warner Bros. Studios. During his internship he read many incoming screenplays which inspired him to try writing. He soon fell in love with language and the written word.


Andrew’s first screenplay, Every Seven Days, made it to the top ten of Treasure Entertainment’s National Screenplay Competition. Another film he had co-written called Cold October received the award for Best Screenplay at the Philadelphia Terror Film Festival. His films have appeared in many festivals including, the International Film Festival of India, the Hollywood East Film Festival, the Dam Short Film Festival, the Sacramento Horror Film Festival, the Southern Appalachian International Film Festival, and others.


Andrew then received his M.A. in English from Indiana University SB and began to teach English at the college level. Through his desire to continue writing for film coupled with his insatiable need to learn language he was led to Colorado University where he now studies Japanese and Film. Hoping to continue to a Ph.D program, Andrew continues to hone his skills in language and entertainment.


Andrew currently lives in Denver, CO, with his wife, Darcy.

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