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Mikel J. Wisler actively works as a freelance videographer and filmmaker for commercial and corporate video shoots, web video content creation, and more in the Greater Boston and New England area. He has been working professionally in the video and film industries since 2004. Mikel started worked as an editor for Telly Award-winning projects for Explore Media (Indiana), has directed TV commercials for Overdun Productions (Michigan) and Votary Media (Worcester, MA), and regularly is hired as cinematographer for the independent film projects and video shoots. He also edits broad-reaching commercial, web, and motion graphic videos for a broad range of clients and develops creative web video content for non-profit organizations. To see a demo reel of Mikel's work, please visit the Demo Reel section of this website.
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Runaway Pen has worked in many areas, from directing television commercials to editing company videos. Whether you are looking to have an event or commercial shot with professionalism and style, or you need to tell the unique story of your company or organization, Runaway Pen Productions is here to help you. Focusing on the human element whether we're making a web video or television commercial we seek to draw your audience's attention and help them understand who you are and what you can offer them. With the focus and passion Runaway Pen has for the art and craft of cinematic filmmaking, every project is an opportunity to grow, to achieve new levels of excellence, and to connect with people, both clients and their audiences.


Equipment List

R u n a w a y  P e n  E q u i p m e n t  I n v e n t o r y :


- Cinema Camera: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (1080p RAW and ProRes HQ) 

- DSLR Camera: Canon Rebel T2i (EOS 550D) 18 MP (shoots 1080p, 720p, and still photos).


Cine Lenses:  

- Rokinon 14mm T3.1

- Rokinon 24mm T1.5 

- Rokinon 35mm T1.5

- Rokinon 50mm T1.5

- Rokinon 85mm T1.5

DSLR Lenses: 

- Canon 18-55mm 3.5-5.6f zoom

- Sigma 70-300mm 4-5.6f zoom (with macro focus capability).

Vintage SLR Lenses: 

- Exaktar 35mm f2.8 

- Exaktar 135mm f2.8

- Tiffen ND set
- Polarizer
- Gradient
- UV (multiple)
- Macro Lens adaptors


One Minolta Auto Meter III light meter.

15-foot HMDI cable for HDSLR monitoring.

SLATE: Standard White Dry Erase (for shot labeling and sound and picture synch). 


One Manfrotto professional tripod (501HDV, 351MVB2).

Konova Slider.

One ProArm 8-foot camera jib with stand.

One straight track dolly and 10-foot track.


One Zoom H1: Portable Digital Recorder - WAV @ 96KHz and 48KHz (24 bit or 16 bit).

One Mixer: XLR-PRO Duel XLR Audio Adapter.

One Boom Mic: Audio-Technica ATR55 with 1/8th inch plug.

One Wireless Lav Mic: Sennheiser EW100.

One AKG K44 Perception Pro Headphones.

One 150-inch telescoping Fish (boom) pole for mic.

One Fish pole holder for use with C-stand.

One 25 foot 1/8th inch extension cable.

Sony headphones and cable extension.


One 750 watt SourceFour Par (equivalent in light output to conventional 1K), four lenses, gel holder, and spigot.

1K Dimmer switch.

Two 200 watt Parcans with gel holders and spigots.

Four Westcott 10-foot Heavy Duty Lightstands.

One Avenger C-Stand with Boom Arm.

Chinese Lanterns, bulbs: 150 watt, 200 watt, 300 watt.

Dimmer for lantern.

Assorted gels.

Heavy-duty cart and cases.

9-foot White Backdrop with stands and support beam.


  • One Mac Pro 2.4 GHz 8-Core, 16 GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive.
  • One MacBook Pro 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo, 13-inch HD screen, 8 GB RAM, 250 GB H. D.
  • Two Asus  23.6" 1080p LCD monitors.
  • Western Digital 2 TB Raid Firewire 800 external hard drive (editing scratch drive).
  • Seagate 500 GB and 250 GB USB 2.0 portable external hard drives.

Final Cut Pro X
Adobe CS6 Production Premium
Cinemagraph Pro

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Mikel J. Wisler

Cinematographer, Director, Editor

[email protected]

Located in Weymouth, Mass.