Mikel J. Wisler (pronounced "Michael J. Whistler") is an award-winning filmmaker who has written, produced, and directed several short films that have played at festivals domestically and abroad, receiving nomination and awards. In 2012 he became a co-founder of Stories by the River and since 2010 has run the monthly River Film Forum.

Wisler also has produced and shot films for Stories by the River and has served as cinematographer and editor for many other projects in addition to working as a producer/director of web and television commercial projects. Born in Brazil, South America, where he spent most of his childhood, Wisler now lives on the south shore of Boston, Massachusetts.

Mikel is currently in development for his first feature film. He lives in Weymouth, Massachusetts, with his wife, daughter, and his chiwawa.

To see Mikel's website, go to: mikelwisler.com

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Career Objectives:

Mikel's career objectives are to eventually be able to direct independent feature films with a high standard of quality, creativity, and marketability. To that end he is seeking funding for his first feature film. Always in search of what he calls "transcendent cinema," Mikel would like to help create films that explore the human condition, spirituality, and raise important questions. Mikel is also very interested in producing the work of new and talented filmmakers. In an effort to stay financially viable, he'd also like to work in the creation of high-end television and Internet commercials, and other creative video/film productions. Mikel continues to write, and hopes to sell some of his writing, both screenplays and prose.

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